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Current Progression

T17: Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry


7/7N 7/7H 3/7M




Kargath Bladefist

The Butcher



Twin Ogron


Imperator Mar'gok

Blackrock Foundry

9/10N 8/10H






The Blast Furnace

Hans'gar and Franzok

Flamebender Ka'graz


Beastlord Darmac

Operator Thogar

The Iron Maidens


About Railgun

US-Sargeras T/W/Th 9:30-12:30 CST (Server time)

This is not a hardcore guild.

In fact, the words we prefer to use include "casual" and "laid-back". That doesn't mean our goal isn't to kill anything. Killing bosses is fun. Rather, we're looking to bring together amazing players who want to play WoW as a game, not a lifestyle. Still interested? Read on.

We look to do things differently.

There are too many guilds out there that treat WoW as a job, not a game. For some people, that's just the way they want to play. For others like us, our definition of fun doesn't include taking a source of entertainment so seriously that it ends up with added stress and drama. That's not cool.

A lot of us were once there.

This guild was founded at the release of Warlords of Draenor by players who have experienced the worst (and best!) of hardcore raiding, and wanted to escape the drama and pressure that it entailed. We came up with a radical solution that continues to go on strong now: no officers or special ranks.

Wait what? How does that work?

We run on a strict merit-based system, where player performance now will always affect your raid time and loot. Giving people special ranks causes both drama and laziness, and we're looking to stamp that out. Your spot is never guaranteed. However, that also means being the "new guy" doesn't suck.

Then who makes the decisions?

Technically, we're a 1-man dictatorship, with the GM having the final say. Realistically, our GM really doesn't like to command people around, and decisions are made by people making suggestions and seeing if members like it. Don't be afraid to speak up. The worst you can do is stay silent.

The Raid Team

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